WATCH: Dad’s chilling ‘ghost swing’ video goes viral

A father in the US has captured the chilling moment a swing started to ‘move like crazy’ all on its own.

Scotty Denton from Rhode Island uploaded the freaky footage to Facebook on June 29 with the caption: “Ghost at the playground”.

In the video, Scotty says his kids are too scared to go into the park after witnessing the swing move back and forth while nearby swings stay put.


“Alright, we’re at the playground, and the kids don’t wanna go anymore,” he says.

“Look at the other swings, then look at this. Look at this, this is real. There is no wind out there.”

The video has since been viewed more than six million times and received hundreds of comments from people all putting forward their own theories on the spooky swing.

What’s your thoughts? – Is it the wind… is it a ghost? Let us know in the comments below!

Warning: Video contains mild coarse language.