WATCH | Dog rescued by oil rig workers 220kms from shore

A WORKER on an oil rig in the Gulf of Thailand plans to adopt a dog that mysteriously ended up at the drilling platform, 220km off shore.

The very wet, very tired pooch was spotted struggling in water off the Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production rig on Friday.

The workers called out and beckoned him toward the structure, where he managed to take refuge on the rusty metal bars at sea level.


They then lowered a rope down and lifted the dog to safety, where he was showered with affection and stayed for two nights while a special cage was welded together for him to be transported back to shore.

He was also given food and water and draped in flowers, while given the name ‘Boon Rod’ – which roughly translates to ‘survivor’.

When eventually returned safely to land, he was given the all-clear by a vet.

There is speculation the lost pooch might have fallen off a fishing trawler.