WATCH: Dracula’s announces new show ‘Muertos’

Dracula’s will pay tribute to the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ in their new show, which will explode onto stage at the iconic cabaret venue next month.

Muertos will open like a glitter-filled piñata on October 2, with audiences set to experience dancing skeletons, galloping corpses, rocktacular live music, big wigs and lots of bare skin.

The show will move at a bone rattling pace, layering carnival acts, death-defying aerial acrobatics, groin-aching vocals and of course Dracula’s signature bible-clutching comedy.


Get a sneak peek behind the scenes and learn more about the new show in the video below:

The Mexican theme will also be incorporated in every part of the iconic venue, including the menu, wine list and décor.

The talented cast lineup features crowd favourite, Coco Inia Dewar, renowned acrobatic adagio duo Lauren Skapalova and Bray Garcia, señorita deliciosas Amber Dawn-Finch and Sarah Douch, backed by live music talents of Viola Skyes and Tomi Gray.

Muertos will open at Dracula’s on October 2, with VIP and Cabaret Dinner and Show tickets and Show Only tickets now on sale. For more information, visit: