WATCH: Dreamworld’s tiger cubs now have names!

Dreamworld have today revealed the names of two tiger cubs, born six weeks ago to mum, Adira, and dad, Pi.

Tiger Island team members selected the names Javi and Zakari for the new arrivals, after clawing through over 2,500 entries submitted via a competition.

True to the cub’s stripes, Javi, meaning victorious, is from an Indian origin where tigers roam in the wild.


The name Zakari was chosen as it is associated with individuals who have a desire to inspire others in a higher cause, which goes paw-in-paw, with Dreamworld’s global conservation drive.

“With the cubs being two of the newest ambassadors for the critically endangered tiger species, we had a particular focus on names that reflect the role they play in supporting their wild cousins,” Al Mucci, General Manager Life Sciences said.

Born on Friday 26 April, the brother cubs are now six weeks old and weighing in at a healthy 6.06 kilograms and 5.42 kilograms, multiplying their birth weight by over four times.

“Now that they’re old enough and had their necessary vaccinations to keep them at the fittest health possible, they will start venturing out onto Tiger Island, interacting with the bigger cats in their tiger family, including Mum, Adira, and Dad, Pi, as well as guests during experiences,” Patrick Martin-Vegue, Tiger Island Manager said.

“Breeding our tigers that have been socialised, provides us with a great opportunity to be able to reintegrate the cubs with their parents once they are protected with their vaccinations so we can watch them grow up together at Tiger Island.”

“The cubs will also start stepping out into the park and exploring their surroundings to continue that socialisation and interaction with guests.”

Javi and Zakari will be showing their tiger tails with guests on Tiger Island, the cub display area and the Nursery where they will join their younger uncle throughout the day.

Booking are now available for Tiger Cub Experiences and for the first time ever guests will get the exclusive opportunity to interact with the cubs on the island itself when the Experiences begin on Friday 14 June. For more information, visit: