WATCH: Eagle-eyed Taylor Swift fans deciphering epic film clip

It’s been up for less than 48-hours, but already the controversial film clip for Taylor Swift’s latest single has racked up more than 47 million views on YouTube.

The epic video for Look What You Made Me Do had its official premiere at the VMAs on Monday and threw shade on many of the live performances, especially showing up Tay Tay’s arch rival Katy Perry who played host for the evening.

Speculation is rife over just who is copping the wrath of Swift as she portrays 14 different characters in the clip.


Tay Tay fans will be able spy the reference to “Nils Sjoberg” (the pseudonym she used when penning the mega hit This Is What You Came For for her now ex Calvin Harris) that’s inscribed on a gravestone near her own at the start of the clip.

She’s then seen in a bathtub of jewels with the line “I don’t like your perfect crime”. It’s most certainly pointing the finger at Kim Kardashian and her traumatic robbery in Paris.

Meanwhile, can you spot the $1 bill mixed in with the jewellery? A reference to her recent court victory perhaps…

Then there are the “I love TS” shirts her back-up dancers are wearing, a nod to movie star Tom Hiddleston who wore similar shirts during their romance.

And right at the end, just to confirm that “the old Taylor is dead” (prior to releasing the single she wiped her social media accounts and removed her website), the new Taylor is standing on top of a pile of ‘old Taylors’.

See what else you can spot in what has quickly become the most watched music video on YouTube.