WATCH: Father and daughter go head-to-head in Sea World stunt show

A father and daughter are going head-to-head in Sea World’s Thunder Lake Stunt Show these school holidays.

Theme park visitors will get to enjoy some epic family rivalry with Gary Reid, and his 16-year-old daughter, Analise to perform a showdown of extreme stunts in the show.

Gary, who is also the oldest member of the stunt crew, will line up for the Bay City River Rats while Analise will be skiing for the Sun State All Stars.


Gary, who is also the Showtime FMX Director, said it was a dream come true to be performing alongside his daughter.

“I started my career in the industry working in the Sea World ski show in the 1990’s and it was always my goal to produce a show for the park, so to get to a stage where I have done this and now watch the family legacy continue with Analise is amazing,” he said.

“Since she was born Analise has been always been around the water and developing her skiing skills, and it is a proud moment for me to now be able to watch her live out her dream, while I’m also out there on the water with her.

“While we do compete on opposite teams during the show and there is some friendly banter throughout, there is a really touching moment where we get to ski together which I something I really enjoy.”

The Thunder Lake Stunt Show opened in April, and is a fast-paced, visually spectacular show that runs twice daily. The best way to experience the Thunder Lake show is with a Village Roadshow One Pass. For more information, visit: