WATCH: Father discovers extraordinary trick to calm crying baby

A father has become an internet sensation after posting a series of videos showing the genius way he gets his newborn daughter to stop crying.

The amazing technique, which is a simple ‘yoga chant’ has shocked parents around the world.

More than 33 million people have watched the original video, which was posted to Facebook by Daniel Eisenman this week.


“Well now that over 33 million humans have heard & seen the original version, questions are starting to surface about if this works every time?!” Eisenman wrote, with many people questioning whether the method was legitimate.

“Firstly, I don’t believe anything happens twice the same way. Secondly, it’s not necessarily about it “working”… it’s about our precious #EarthAngel practicing self acceptance through self-expression, AND simultaneously holding me accountable to do the same by #OMing more.”


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