WATCH: First glimpse of Star Wars VIII trailer

With under 24 hours left until the second official trailer drops for Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi, the franchise has released two mouth-watering teasers.

The trailer will be released during Monday Night Football in America, which will be between 8 and 9am our time on Tuesday.

Released on their social media accounts, the teaser has hinted at what’s to come from the film which will screen on 15 December.


The short trailer picks up where Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens, left off.

It shows Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey training with a blue lightsabre instead of her staff.

Rey’s original plan was to deliver Luke Skywalker his lightsabre and bring him back home.

However, in the new scene, Rey is seen exercising her powers with the Jedi weapon on a cliff while Skywalker watches on in the distance.

American Star Wars fans were treated to the second teaser on Good Morning America.