WATCH | First look at Will Smith in live-action Aladdin film

A WHOLE NEW World is about to erupt for a whole new generation, with the countdown on until we get to see the live-action remake of Aladdin on the big screen.

Walt Disney Studios released the first full trailer for the film overnight, wowing 90s kids who grew up with the cartoon version and the incredible Robin Williams as the voice of the lovable Genie.

This time around, Will Smith plays Genie, and is seen in the new trailer making reference to himself as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, while also singing his own version of “Friend Like Me”.


Fans were quick to comment on Disney’s Facebook post, with most people loving what they saw, while others had some negative feedback.

“Now THAT’S looking a whole lot better than the snippets we’ve seen so far.”

“I am swooning so hard right now !! I cannot wait for this film.”

“Omg when a whole new world started i got goosebumps.”[0]=68.ARDurchNvmPOIAeIuKZ5zcwC61at5XiGy-V_2YQwLsA_TjhAUJUpd2otXnJgAYXnNFohGDG3xPyFpqEd_ihT9QjAiUPJ0t3qVsJMHiUMbygaYeRxGlJrm3nOBfPLj4tnOf2IdeCx3DH6wcL6-g5ENNWHgH2mYx4KXsDq4qxE7G8A2h5LoHnXZNGXb5orW1qVe3a9fxYcS2cwvS-pY6RUQ__GyGpmhHMyMhmt9jQohTO5J5zWNJ4S7F9Lk5_LUTsWghffy-YF32d6q_pTyEl8AL1HlBGqVOV9jh40XIoyngVqZAHXqLleSWpml_BlUSlpy4Z5OMzn2VonXU6CKvcnRrDc9SeV5bbcfU9EBQ&__tn__=-R

But then…

“Aladdin’s clothes look too neat and too new if hes a street rat hod did he afford new neat clean clothes?”

“Nothing beats the original sorry.”

“I love that they cast Aladdin and Jafar with actors from Middle Eastern backgrounds but why not Jasmine? Real missed opportunity.”

Aladdin is played by Mena Massoud, with Naomi Scott taking on the role of Jasmine and Marwan Kenzari as Jafar.

The film is directed by Guy Ritchie and is due to be released in May.

Make up your own mind…