WATCH: First official sighting of humpback whales off the Gold Coast

Humpback whales have started their annual migration north a little early this year, with the first official sighting of the mammals off the Gold Coast today.

During a pre-season cruise this morning, the Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching crew managed to capture photos and videos of a number of humpback whales swimming and breaching offshore.


Spirit of Gold Coast marine biologist Zara King said an unprecedented numbers of humpbacks will make the migration this year, including a greater number of calves. “Ten years ago you would struggle to see a couple of calves in a season, now there are a few weeks of the year when you might see at least one a day,” she said.

Ms King told myGC humpback numbers are almost at pre-whaling levels, with around 27,000 of the majestic creatures set to make the annual migration. “There are going to be more opportunities to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat in Gold Coast waters this winter and spring,” she said.

“We will definitely see more competitive groups of males showing aggression towards each other as they vie for a female to mate with.

“The males will tail slap and breach to impress, whereas the females will use similar behaviours as a form of aggression towards the males if they are not happy.”

Spirit of Gold Coast will begin conducting whale watching tours from Saturday May 27. For more information, visit: