WATCH: Frightening near-misses between pedestrians and Gold Coast trams caught on video

Gold Coast Light Rail has released confronting new footage which shows oblivious pedestrians nearly being hit by Gold Coast trams.

The hair raising vision has been released as part of Rail Safety Week, to remind people to take care around trams, and to get talking about tram safety.

“For this year’s Rail Safety Week G:link is focusing on Pedestrian Safety,” GoldlinQ GM Operations Jason Ward said.


“Being safe on G:link is about more than just watching your step as you enter and exit the tram.

“It’s about being aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to get complacent and rely on our habits, but those habits may not be safe ones,” Mr Ward said.

In the vision, pedestrians can be seen running across the tram tracks, narrowly avoiding the large oncoming vehicle.


“The safety of passengers and the community is a priority for G:link and if we all pay attention, stay off the tracks and follow the existing road rules we will all be safe,” Mr Ward said.

G:link has provided the following simple safety tips for pedestrians to follow when around trams:

• Think Safe. Stay Safe
• Use pedestrian crossings to cross the tracks
• Stand behind the yellow line
• Look over your shoulder and check your back before crossing the tracks. Trams may be approaching from behind.
• Always use pedestrian paths, never walk along the tracks
• Be alert around trams