WATCH: Frightening near-misses involving Gold Coast trams caught on video

Confronting new footage showing oblivious pedestrians and drivers nearly being hit by Gold Coast trams has been released.

The hair-raising vision has been shared by G: LINK as part of Rail Safety Week, which kicks off today.

Among the frightening near-misses, a cyclist narrowly escapes being hit by a tram near Griffith University, while a car is seen driving straight through an intersection in the middle of Surfers Paradise in pouring rain as a tram approaches.


A man walking his dog was also lucky not to be hit at the same Surfers intersection.

The footage also shows a couple of minor bingles including one on the Gold Coast Highway at Broadbeach and a second one on Scarborough St at Southport.

GoldlinQ CEO Phil Mumford said it’s a timely reminder to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to take extra care around trams.

“Each year trams travel more than one million kilometres across the Gold Coast and it’s a very safe and convenient way to move around the city,” Mr Mumford said.

“For Rail Safety Week this year we will be focusing on raising awareness of pedestrian safety and driving safely around trams.

“Safety of passengers and the public is G:link’s number one priority and this is another way to promote good behaviour around the light rail.

G:Link will roll out new signage as well as a new digital campaign, while staff will also be out during Rail Safety week to spread the safety message.

Transport and Roads Minister Mark Bailey says with trams now a prominent part of the Gold Coast’s transport network, it’s important people don’t become complacent.

“Rail safety is everyone’s responsibility so whether you are a passenger, pedestrian or motorist is important to stay alert, watch for trams and only cross at designated crossings, ” Mr Bailey said.

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WATCH: G:link footage of near-misses involving Gold Coast trams –