WATCH: GC stuntman Johann Ofner’s incredible performance on Ninja Warrior

Footage of Gold Coast stuntman Johan Ofner dominating the Australian Ninja Warrior obstacle course has finally been released.

Ofner’s girlfriend Kati Garnett shared the never-before-seen vision to her Facebook page on Tuesday, along with a heartbreaking tribute to the 28-year-old.

“Here it is everyone, we’ve been waiting so patiently to see our boy in action and absolutely kill Ninja Warrior,” Kati wrote.


“Thank you for the team for making this highlights video for us to share with everyone.

“Watch carefully, listen wisely and take in his greatness. You are one in a million and continue to inspire people each day with the morals, values and lessons you left with us on this earth.

“Keep killing it up there my killah. We all love you so much. Enjoy everyone xxx”

Ofner was tragically killed while filming a music video in Brisbane in January.