WATCH | Giraffe calf takes first steps just hours after birth

MOVE over royal baby, there’s a gorgeous new addition already wooing crowds in Australia.

The male giraffe calf was born on September 26 at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast to mum, Penny.

The park has today released adorable photos and video of the calf just minutes after he was born and frolicking in the ‘African Savannah’.


Kat Hansen, Giraffe Keeper at Australia Zoo said this was the second calf born in just two months.

“Since opening our African Savannah in September 2011, we’ve welcomed nine giraffes!” Kat explained.

“Our newest addition, together with his family, are great ambassadors for those in the wild as people from around the world can see them and learn about how we can save them,” Kat added.

“Concerningly, giraffe populations have reduced by more than 40% in the last 30 years and there are now less than 100,000 in the wild and that means giraffe have now been reclassed as vulnerable to extinction.”

Baby Giraffe October Australia Zoo

PHOTO: Supplied by Australia Zoo

Robert Irwin said it was always exciting, welcoming new animals to the Australia Zoo family.

“Mum Penny, and her new calf are doing so well and over the coming weeks, as they become more comfortable and confident, our guests at Australia Zoo will be able to see them on the African Savannah,” Robert said.

“Giraffe really are incredible animals. When they’re born, they stand up and start walking within an hour, they’re already roughly two metres tall and they can weigh 60kg.

“This male calf will probably grow to be more than 5.5 metres tall and we can’t wait to see that happen!

“It’s so important that we make sure that giraffe are here for generations to come. Dad always said that if we could introduce people to wildlife, they would fall in love and want to save them too.”

The newborn will be named by the highest bidder at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Brisbane, on Saturday November 10.