WATCH: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games pictograms unveiled in lively video

The 23 Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games sport pictograms have been unveiled to the world today.

GC2018 mascot Borobi, Gold Coast-based athletes, school children, tourists and local residents all played their part in showing off the official GC2018 sport pictograms on a video filmed at various locations around the city, including the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Nerang National Park and the Surfers Paradise foreshore.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation Chairman, Peter Beattie, told a packed hall at The Southport School Foundation Business Breakfast, that the sport pictograms would be a prominent feature across the Gold Coast and GC2018 venues.


“GC2018 is a truly global event where we will welcome athletes and visitors from across the 71 Commonwealth nations and territories,” he said.

“The sport pictograms will be used as wayfinding to help visitors and locals navigate around venues and the wider precincts come Games-time.

“They will also be useful guides for non-English speaking or English as a second language visitors and athletes to identify the individual sports.

“With a cumulative broadcast audience of 1.5 billion expected and more than 1,000 hours of live sport, the graphics also create a simple identifier for each sport across publications, websites and social media,” Mr Beattie said.


Australian Commonwealth Games Association CEO, Craig Phillips said the Sport Pictograms were integral to the sport program for Gold Coast 2018.

“The GC2018 Sport Pictograms are really distinctive and I’m confident they will become an easily recognisable symbol for all Games stakeholders enjoying a great Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast,” Phillips said.

“The sport pictograms are a small thing that play a big part in each Commonwealth Games and are distinctive to each Games,” he said.