WATCH: Gold Coast cyclist attacked by magpie 13 times during ride

Magpie swooping season is in full swing which one unfortunate Gold Coast cyclist found out whilst going for a ride recently.

Anthony Newman (aka Newmano) was cycling through Chillingham, Murwillumbah on October 18 when he came across a “relentless” magpie.

With a camera mounted on his bike, Mr Newman decided to put himself in the line of fire for a few laughs – but was not prepared when he was terrifyingly swooped at 13 times.


“Now I have come across a few psycho and aggressive Magpies over my time out riding my bike but… no Magpie comes close to being as hectic and relentless in attack as the now notorious ‘Chillingham Savage’,” he wrote his youtube channel after posting the video.

Watch the magpie “havin’ a crack” at him in the video below: