WATCH: Gold Coast gamers able to enjoy new virtual reality experience

Local gamers can now experience one of the world’s most anticipated free-roaming virtual reality games right here on the Gold Coast.

Zero Latency in Southport is one of only 33 locations in the world where people can play Far Cry VR.

Marketing Co-ordinator Yoland Swasbrook told myGC they have been inundated with customers eager to book their Far Cry experience.


“Many people know Far Cry. Although it is not just for gamers, anyone can come and play this experience and have a great time,” she said.

Up to eight people can play the game at a time, with Zero Latency decking each player out in a VR headset, headphones, backpack and controller.

“You get fully immersed. You can move around freely, there are no cables tying you to the group,” said Ms Swasbrook.

“Because you are walking in real life and you are walking in the game, you really feel like you are in the experience.”

See what the experience is like in the video below: 

More information about the experience can be found at