WATCH: Gold Coast gran slams thief to the ground in pub carpark

A Gold Coast Grandmother is fast becoming a viral sensation, after a video of her beating up a handbag pincher emerged.

Security footage from the Pimpama Tavern,  shows the woman going toe-to-toe with the would-be thief in the car park back in January.

It’s understood the man, aged 42, took the woman’s handbag from a table in the pub before making his way outside towards his car.


But she followed him, kicking off her shoes before tackling him to the ground.

She sustained cuts, bruises and cracked ribs in the ordeal, but was ultimately successful in getting her bag back.

Police were since able to use the security footage to track down the man, even though he’d left empty-handed.

He has since been charged and will front court on Wednesday.

The grandmother told Sunrise she was out celebrating her birthday that night but wasn’t going to let the alleged thief ‘steal the party’.

WATCH: GC Grandma puts handbag thief in a headlock, slam him to ground: 


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WoW what a woman 😱

Good for her. She should have sprayed him with pepper spray and blinded him.

yay for the outcome , stupid to risk your life over a bag, no matter what is in there. Protect yourself … sure, but to actively seek to defend after the fact puts you in far more danger than what was previously in the air. She would have had the same results getting help from the pub’s manager and the police without the need to crack her ribs and put herself in what could have been mortal danger. But to each their own, just stupid is all!

Rubbish, her instinct kicked in and she wasn’t having a bar of it.

Seeing this just made my day. Unfortunately the poor woman receive some minor injuries, but bloody good on her! Wow!