WATCH: Gold Coast man busted breaking border road block

A man has been charged after managing to sneak his way into Queensland by breaking a mechanical road block at a border crossing on the Gold Coast.

The 39-year-old from Tugun was busted after the whole incident, which occurred at the Tomewin Mountain Road border crossing in Currumbin Valley on November 6, was caught on camera.

In the vision, which has been supplied to myGC, the man and a woman dressed in a pink onesie can be seen approaching the road block in a white BMW.


Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said that in a desperate attempt to make their way through the hard road block, the pair then used a wheel brace to break and tamper with the control mechanism of the Delta Wedge road block.

“We will allege that when he got there, he has removed a device out of the back of his car and caused damage to the lock on the Delta Wedge allowing it to open and then he’s entered Queensland,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

“It caused considerable damage to that device, which is owned by the Department of Main Roads, and it had to be replaced.”

Chief Supt Wheeler said the incident was “incredibly frustrating”, considering the man could have easily used one of the Gold Coast’s police-manned checkpoints.

“This person is actually from the Gold Coast and by the look of it he was returning home and we will allege that he’s caused damage to that property to make his way into Queensland rather than using one of the established vehicle checkpoints,” he said.

“It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing more than anything, and you know, these people it’s costing them considerable amounts of money in fines.

Police said officers will continue to prosecute people who continue to breach the rules, which are in place to protect Queenslanders from COVID-19.

“There’s the police time and investigating those matters when we could be doing other things that are more productive,” Chief Supt Wheeler said.

“But of course, we will always investigate those matters and those who do those blatant breaches, who blatantly disregard the Chief Health Officers direction, we will take prosecution action when that occurs.”

The 39-year-old has since been issued with a Notice to Appear in Coolangatta Magistrates Court on December 9, on one count of Wilful Damage.