WATCH: Gold Coast police deny brutality claims after shocking video emerges online

POLICE have denied using excessive force to restrain a man on the Gold Coast yesterday, despite a video being shared on social media appearing to show police kneeling on the man’s head and striking him three times while on the ground.

The incident was filmed on an iPhone by a shocked witness and the video published on Facebook less than an hour later where it has since been viewed and shared by thousands of angered users.

The footage appears to show a group of men, including three uniformed officers, restraining a 39-year-old Victorian man on the ground in Surfers Paradise around 1am on Monday.


While lying on the ground, an officer is seen to put his knee on the mans head before another appears to punch him three times.

When the man is picked up off the ground and escorted away, he is seen to have a bloodied face.


“A lot of the excessive police violence I filmed was not seen on the video, due to how quick it all happened,” the concerned witness posted with the video.

It’s alleged that the man being restrained on the ground was a witness to a fight between two other people and had told the bouncer to ease up when police restrained both him and the girl he was with.

A police statement released to Fairfax Radio on Tuesday claimed that the Victorian man was resisting arrest and the officer was forced to use a closed-hand tactic to subdue him.

The man was charged with public nuisance and obstruct police. No official complaint has been made about the officer’s actions.