WATCH: Gold Coast cop draws taser on tattooed tourist in viral video

A Victorian couple’s video is going viral online after they captured the moment a Gold Coast police officer pulled them over and aimed a taser straight at them.

Since being uploaded to Facebook overnight by Hayley Van Hostauyen, the footage has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

In the mobile phone footage, two female officers can be seen pulling over Hayley and her boyfriend not long after they leave Gold Coast airport, after believing the man has a tattoo consistent with being part of an outlaw bikie gang.


The officers continue to explain to the pair on holiday that Queensland police have the power to search anyone suspected of being members of a criminal motorcycle gang.

The encounter takes a frightening turn when the officers ask the man to hand over his phone and he denies, with a taser being drawn.

Police are reportedly reviewing the matter.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate spoke to media this morning regarding the incident, stating: “Interstate bikies are welcome on the coast if they cover up their tats, but you need to abide by the VLAD laws or you can expect to feel the full force of the police.”

Just drove out of Gold Coast airport, I have no club gear on at all they simply seen me and my partner Hayley at a red light noticed a 13 tattooed on my neck and pulled us over made us get out of car.. I was strip searched on the side of a major freeway by four officers and told to get on the ground? Pfft what a joke welcome to QLD Ay as soon as We got pulled over I started recording because I have been advised to from lawyer in case something like this may happen ..the other female officer tells me I can’t film grabs me on the throat then pulls a taser on me ? For what executing my rights ? After they worked out who I was after checking my ID searching the car and all that the female officer in charge ses to me we will make a deal with you! You delete that footage or else we will confiscate yours and your girlfriends phone for 28days so I unlocked my phone and the female officer in charge deleted the footage! …Well lucky my phone saves deleted photos and videos so everyone feel free to share this this is fkd up what a good start to our holiday str8 from airport and into our rental car what a joke..WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS! DONT LET THEM TAKE THEM AWAY!..

Posted by Hayley Van Hostauyen on Monday, October 26, 2015

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook