WATCH: Gold Coaster Kathleen Simpson on a mission to help domestic violence victims

With a passion to assist domestic and family violence survivors, Gold Coaster Kathleen Simpson established DV Lawyer as a way to help people leave an abusive relationship safely.

Ms Simpson says there are many factors that lead a person to feel trapped in a relationship.

“It’s not just about physical abuse, there are also financial and emotional abuse factors,” she told myGC.


Ms Simpson assists victims right across the country and aims to intervene as early as possible to prevent escalation.

“We attempt to intervene at the earliest possible stage. When clients come to us, we conduct a thorough risk assessment and then create an immediate safety plan and make the appropriate referrals out to all of the support services.”

These services include police, domestic violence prevention centres, psychologists, counsellors, ACT for Kids, to name a few.

“Once their safety and well-being needs are being met, we then apply for protection orders,” she said.

“When these orders are implemented, we are then in a unique position to deal directly with the perpetrator. The aim of that is to remove the multiple stressors in that relationship then there is less likelihood of further breaches of those orders which minimises the impact of further domestic violence.”

Ms Simpson says while her job can be challenging, the rewards outweigh the harsh realities of domestic violence.

“From what I have seen and what I have observed is a complete transition from a broken individual to a much more empowered person. They speak differently, they act differently, they look different, they are finally free of the domestic violence and they are financially free to be able to look after themselves and their children.

“It’s why I do what I do, and why I love what I do.”

See the full interview with Kathleen Simpson in the video below:

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