WATCH: Gorilla escapes enclosure sending London Zoo into lockdown

A large gorilla has been shot with a tranquiliser dart after breaking out of his enclosure at London Zoo.

The frightening incident occurred around 5.00pm Thursday local time with visitors forced to take refuge in a cafe whilst armed police and staff stormed the zoo in an attempt to recapture the animal.

The large silverback, named Kumbuka was reportedly seen acting ‘agitated’ hours before he broke out of his enclosure.


The London Zoo confirmed a full investigation was underway.

“A male gorilla got out of his den at ZSL London Zoo and into a non-public keeper area at 5:13pm on Thursday, 13 October 2016,” a statement provided by the zoo reads.

“Staff responded immediately and the 18-year-old gorilla – named Kumbuka – was tranquilized by vets and returned to his den, where we can confirm he is awake and well.

“It is not yet confirmed how the incident occurred and a full investigation will be carried out to determine what happened.”


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