WATCH: ‘Most Haunted’ films ghost patrolling corridors of 17th century mansion

PRODUCERS of the British paranormal TV show Most Haunted have been reduced to tears after catching a ghost on camera, patrolling the cold corridors of an abandoned 17th-century mansion.

The spine-chilling clip shows what appears to be a foggy man-like figure walking up a flight of stairs and down a dark corridor at Wentworth House, in South Yorkshire.

The crew was at the 17th-century mansion investigating reports of a ghostly presence inside the stable block following dozens of unexplained sightings. Scroll down to watch the video!


Investigator’s Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell started filming down a creepy corridor in the now derelict building after hearing a series of footsteps while in an adjacent room.

“If you’re here, walk up this corridor,” one of the crew is heard saying moments before the white cloudy figure of a man comes into view at the end of the hallway and starts walking up a flight of stairs.

Stuart chases after the figure before it vanishes into the distance.

The white figure appeared to walk up a flight of stairs at the end of the hallway PHOTO: Screengrab/Most Haunted

It’s the first time the program has caught a ghost on camera in its 17 year history and is perhaps the most convincing glimpse of the afterlife ever caught on film.

Host Yvette Fielding was left sobbing after watching the clip and said the video was the show’s most “ground-breaking” footage to date.

“In the 17 years we’ve been doing Most Haunted we’ve always wanted to capture a ghost on camera,” she told MailOnline.

“We’ve caught so many different kinds of phenomena: objects moving on their own, voices. But this is the first time that we’ve caught a man walking – in what appears to be slow motion up some stairs.”

“It was only when we edited it that I saw it and I burst into tears. I was so gobsmacked – I was properly sobbing.”

The foggy man-like figure was clearly identifiable in the footage PHOTO: Screengrab/Most Haunted

Host Yvette Fielding said the footage was “ground-breaking” PHOTO: Screengrab/Most Haunted

Fielding said people have claimed to have witnessed many paranormal occurrences at the Wentworth House, from dark shadows to slamming doors.

“Along these corridors, the most prevalent spectre is that of a large man who once seen disappears into the night and it’s a mystery,” she said.

“It’s a figure that’s been seen in and around the building. Lots of people have seen him, a large figure of a man endlessly walking the corridors.

“No wonder we grabbed the opportunity to return to this formidable estate. I want to know why he’s here and why so many people have seen him.”

Most Haunted – Wentworth Woodhouse Stable Block aired on Friday on Really.