WATCH: This heart-warming video of two triathletes proves brotherly love conquers all

An incredible video of two brothers is going viral online and warming hearts around the globe.

While many brothers are known to fight, they’re also known to share a bond like no other – and this video proves it.

In what many are describing as one of the most amazing shows of sportsmanship ever seen in the history of the World Triathlon series, younger brother and fellow competitor Alistair Brownlee pushes his older brother Jonny Brownlee over the line after he nearly succumbs to the heat just meters from finishing the race.


The heart-warming footage was uploaded online by World Triathlon with the caption: “The 2016 WTS season ends in a dramatic fashion. What. A. Year.”


Following the race, Johnny took to social media from his hospital bed, thanking his brother for his loyalty.