WATCH: Heartwarming moment Prince Harry surprises soldier who lost legs in bomb blast

The heartwarming moment Prince Harry surprised a former soldier who lost both of his legs in a bomb blast in Afghanistan has been caught on film.

Duncan Slater was in the middle of training for an endurance race which raises money for injured soldiers, when he was interrupted by the royal’s appearance.

Evidently shocked, Slater swore before asking the prince “How’s it going?”


Prince Harry responded with a chuckle, before telling Slater not to swear or fall.

“Nice to see you. I wasn’t really in the neighbourhood but I had to come and see you sweating your balls off on a treadmill in a sauna. You’re looking good,” he said.

The pair then began to chat about Mr Slater’s carbon fibre limbs and his 251km race across the Sahara Desert where he will face temperatures of up to 50C.