WATCH: Hilarious clip sums up the different types of ‘latecomers’

Lets face it, we’ve all been late for work, university and school at least once in our lifetime!

Coming up with an excuse to back up why is often the most difficult and dreaded part of the whole process.

From ‘I missed the bus’ to ‘my alarm didn’t go off’, people come up with the most random, shocking and sometimes the most brilliant excuses.


A new video which has been doing the rounds on social media lately perfectly sums up a variety of excuses people use to avoid being scolded by the boss.

There’s ‘The Blamer’, ‘Gifter’, ‘Reverse Psychologist’, ‘Disbeliever’, the ‘Funeral Attire’, ‘Sudden Injury’, the ‘Judas’, the ‘Daylight Saver’, the ‘Quick Change’ the ‘Character Witness’ and the ‘Full Disclosure’ according to the hilarious clip.

Which one are you?