WATCH: Hilarious moment Chris Hemsworth photobombs Tom Hiddleston’s award acceptance speech

Aussie heart throb Chris Hemsworth has once again stolen the show by hilariously hijacking Tom Hiddleston’s acceptance speech for Best Actor in the TV Choice Awards.

Hiddleston was midway through apologising for being unable to accept the award in person when his Thor co-star crashed the scene.

“Hello everybody at the TV Choice Awards,” Hiddleston says.


“I’m so sorry I cannot be there tonight, i’m sure you all look lovely,”

“I’m in Australia, shooting Thor: Ragnarok… I umm.. don’t really have anything to offer you”

Former Soap Star Chris Hemsworth then appears in full view of the camera and snatches the silver trophy from Hiddleston’s hands, before he begins to exclaim that the trophy is actually for him and his work on Home & Away.

“Oh, this is for us hey? That’s for Home And Away yeah? All the work I did on it… Thanks everyone at Channel 7, I loved working on Home and Away,” Chris cheekily said.

Thor co-star, Idris Elba also decides to crash the party and joins the pair in full view of the camera.