WATCH: Horrifying moment car slams into Ambulance at GC intersection

Confronting vision has emerged showing the moment a car ploughs into a Queensland Ambulance at one of the busiest intersections on the Gold Coast.

The dash-cam footage, posted to social media by 7NEWS, shows the Ambulance trying to cross the busy intersection of Kumbari Avenue and Smith Street in Southport with its sirens blaring.

A maroon vehicle fails to see the emergency vehicle, or hear the sirens, and continues to drive straight through the intersection, slamming straight into the Ambulance.


It’s understood no one was seriously injured.

The incident has prompted a warning to drivers to slow down and remain wary of emergency vehicles on the road.


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I see a problem with the sirens now because there are lots of songs and other things on the radio with sirens in them and people don’t know if it is real or not so they don’t pay too much attention.