WATCH: Horrifying moment pram rolls onto tracks at Sydney train station

Confronting footage has been released by Public Transport NSW, showing the terrifying moment a pram rolled onto the tracks at a train station in Sydney.

In the vision, a mother can be seen letting go of her pram for a second, before it rolls straight down onto the tracks in front of shocked on-lookers.

Witnesses ran to the mother’s aid and helped her quickly lift the pram back up onto the platform before a train arrived.


Miraculously, the infant escaped serious injury.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook on Monday as a timely reminder about the importance of safety around public transport.

“A moment like this is unimaginable to any parent,” NSW Transport captioned the footage.

“With more than 50+ safety incidents involving prams around the network, make sure you keep a firm hold of your pram & ensure pram brakes are always applied,”