WATCH: How VetLove Nobby Beach adapted to continue treating pets during COVID-19

Mindful of the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, a Nobby Beach veterinary clinic was quick to adapt their services in order to limit contact between staff and clients.

To continuing operating, VetLove at Nobby Beach implemented online consultations, home delivery, and started treating pets outdoors in front of their clinic.

Dr Geoff Wilson told myGC it has been a stressful time, but they were quick to adapt.


“We have been doing a lot of online consultations. It has been unusual, because we don’t get to get hands on, but it saved a lot of people during the worst of the crisis not getting vet care,” he said.

“We have also been doing home delivery as much as possible, rather than people coming in. We can get their medications, food, whatever they need delivered to home.”

For pets needing face to face care, Dr Wilson said they are treated out the front of the clinic as much as possible, only going inside for surgery.

Watch below:

For more information on VetLove Nobby Beach, visit:

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I’m glad you haven’t referred to this as NobbyS Beach. Too many people who should know better call it ‘Nobby’s Beach’. A-holes.