WATCH: How you can protect koalas during breeding season

It’s koala breeding season, so Gold Coasters are being reminded to be extra cautious to avoid a spike in koala injuries.

Close to 600 koalas received treatment at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital last year, with the furry creatures particularly vulnerable during breeding season, from July to January.

“Gold Coasters need to remember that koalas are on the move at this time of year,” Dr Michael Pyne told myGC.


“Through the spring and summer, that’s when koalas are very active – this is when they are crossing roads, coming into people’s backyards and this is when koalas get themselves into trouble.”

Learn more about how you can protect koalas in the video below:

Dr Pyne urged locals to drive carefully near koala hot spots, especially at dusk.

“Koalas are active in that early evening time. They wake up about 5pm and they are on the move shortly after that. So that early evening when people are returning home from work, that’s when most koalas get hit by cars.”

If you own a dog and live in a known koala area, Dr Pyne said it is crucial to contain your pet at night.

“The most important thing is to keep your dog inside at night. Even small dogs can cause nasty injuries to koalas,” he said.

Koalas can also drown in backyard pools, but Dr Pyne said there is a way to prevent this.

“What you can do is put a float in the pool with a heavy rope that comes out, so that if a koala ends up in the pool,  they will swim around the edge, grab hold of that rope and be able to pull themselves out,” he said.

If you sadly come across an injured koala, Dr Pyne said it is best to immediately phone Wildcare on 07 5527 2444.

“They are a fantastic not for profit wildlife group here on the Gold Coast and they will answer their phone 24 hours a day. Call Wildcare and stay with that koala until somebody comes to rescue it.”

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