WATCH: Humpback whale freed after getting caught in rope on Gold Coast

Rescue crews have managed to free a humpback whale caught in fishing equipment just off the Southport Seaway today.

The Sea World Rescue team were alerted by Sea World Cruises to the whale in distress just after midday.

It’s understood the boat was out on a whale watch tour at the time and stayed with the mammal until rescue crews arrived on-scene.


Upon arrival, they located the sub-adult humpback tangled in buoys and ropes, with crews desperately working to cut away the materials.

Despite suffering a number of wounds, the whale was successfully freed and set free to continue on its migration.

In a statement to myGC, Sea World said they believed the whale still had a good chance of survival.

“The whale did have some deep soft-tissue wounds from where the rope was entangled, however we believe that with the removal of this equipment, the whale will have a fighting chance of survival.”

You can watch how the rescue mission played out in the vision below: