Kristen Bell cheers up families at Hurricane Irma shelter with surprise ‘Frozen’ performance

Actress Kristen Bell has helped to put a smile on the faces of hundreds of people after visiting a hurricane shelter in Orlando.

The Frozen star was in the city filming her latest movie when she became trapped by the deadly storm.

Instead of hiding away, Bell decided to cheer up families who had been evacuated from their homes by surprising them with a ‘Frozen’ performance at a local hurricane shelter.


“I figured that I was just sitting in my hotel room and I really wanted to come see you guys,” Bell can be heard telling the families in a video posted on social media.

“I hope this gave you 15 minutes where it was pretending we weren’t all in a gymnasium.

“So I hope that helped and I hope maybe some of these songs are running through your head the rest of the day and it will take your mind off of the storm.”

Video of Bell singing “For the First Time in Forever” was posted to Facebook over the weekend, where it has since gone viral.

“When is at your heels, there’s only one thing to do: get to a shelter, grab a mic and SING,” Bell tweeted.