WATCH: Lamb cooks inside a car, so can your kids

WE’VE all heard the saying “hot enough to fry an egg”, but how about cooking a roast?

Celebrity Chef Matt Moran has ‘overcooked’ a lamb loin to demonstrate the oven-like temperature inside a car, while urging parents to ensure no kids bake in their vehicle.

More than 5,000 children are left unattended in cars in Australia each year.


“As a father I was absolutely gobsmacked,” Moran says.

“I couldn’t believe it, and I think Australia needs to know it is not safe at any point in time to leave a kid in a car – it is like an oven.”

To prove his point, Moran cooked the lamb in his ‘Unconventional Oven’ – an SUV parked at Bondi Beach.


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thank you Matt Moran
You may have saved many children with this video
I am sure many more people will think twice before leaving their children in the car
Keep our children safe !!

this a MUST WATCH for every with kids

This is a great way to show parents what happens with children but there is another people should watch for also Pets mainly dogs. People who leave either a child or an animal shut up in a car even with windows slightly open as that still will not help under any circumstances.