WATCH: Local MP targeted by notorious hoon gang

Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates has slammed “criminal thugs” on the Gold Coast, who have been damaging her election signs.

The teenagers, linked to the Mexican Hoon Cartel gang, have taken to social media to share videos of themselves targeting the LNP frontbencher by defacing her corflutes.

In the clips, which have been supplied to myGC, the hoons can be seen driving over and doing burnouts on Ms Bates’ election signs.


Other videos show the gang cutting and graffitiing the corflutes, with captions including “Ros Bates is copping it”.

It’s believed the attack is in retaliation to the LNP’s campaign against hoons, which Ms Bates is a strong advocate for.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, the local MP said she will not be intimidated.

“I am sick to death of hoons in Mudgeeraba and this criminal behaviour that’s been occurring over the past two days will not intimidate me,” she said.

“You cannot threaten me or my family, or the residents of Mudgeeraba, without police taking action.”

Ms Bates said the vandals are only helping her campaign.

“The hoons are criminal thugs and more than anything they’re just getting me more votes,” she said.

“Everyday they smash one of my signs, every time they do a burnout on one of my hinterland roads, all they’re doing is getting me more votes in Mudgeeraba”.


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Keep up the pressure on these fools.
The government needs to take a stance against them and implement laws that will put an end to most of this illegal activity.
Fine, loss of license and cars crushed or sold off.
No point of taking photos of them as this just eggs them on.
Set up a hoon squad and target hot spots in undercover vehicles with real Police.

all they want is skid pads and they keep spending all the money on police to catch them and its useless because when they go another cartel will show up

GANG…..Yeah could see them fitting right in with Gangs of Detroit there allways defacing VOTE 1 signs over the USA with Niko pens not AK47s REDICULOUS….GIVE THEM & PUBLIC A COMPLEX raise money for younger generations….Spend all that money chasing whoever IF you catch a few itll go quiet few months start again….build a track or pad get them off streets willingly take there money in admissions let it grow problem solved money made public happy NO BRAINER REALLY….