WATCH: M1 crash leads to cash, drugs haul

A crash on the M1 on the weekend has led Police to a large stash of drugs and cash.

A white BMW being driven by a man lost control on the motorway at Gaven and hit a guard rail just before 6.30am on Saturday.

A woman is alleged to have turned up at the scene of the crash to help the man remove property from his car.


Officers searched the man’s belongings when they arrived, allegedly finding $48,000 in cash as well as 324 grams of heroin with an estimated street value of $120,000, along other drugs.

A number of phones and keys to storage sheds were also located.

Police seized both the BMW and the woman’s car.

The 34-year-old woman was issued with a Notice to Appear for drug driving and possessing a utensil.

The 37-year-old male driver of the BMW was charged with four counts of possessing dangerous drugs and one count each of possessing property suspected of having been acquired for the purpose of committing a drug offence, possess utensils, possession of property suspected of being the proceeds of a drug offence, and possess relevant substance.

He was due to front Southport Magistrates Court today.

WATCH: M1 crash leads to cash, drug seizure




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Surely the middle of the M1 is not the place to be bagging evidence, clear the wreckage and search in a safe, secure location, QLD police not learning lessons from tragic incidents in other states.