WATCH: Man brushes hundreds of prickles out of koalas fur in heartwarming video

An Australian man has warmed the hearts of people around the country by posting a video, showing the moment he helped a wild koala by brushing hundreds of prickles out of its fur.

Bruce Atkinson said he saw the struggling koala sitting outside his house over the weekend and, in true Aussie spirit, thought he would try and help the little fella.

He then went and put on a tough glove, grabbed a hairbrush and slowly began brushing the prickly burrs out of its fur.


“Burr covered koala comes up on my porch. He is very knarkie and slaps away a bowl of water. But then allows me to brush burrs off him. Now we are good mates :)” Mr Atkinson wrote alongside a video of the heartwarming encounter.

The post quickly went viral with more than 3000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Poor little fella he must have been so uncomfortable what a trusting koala I think you have a friend for life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment,” one person wrote.

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“Thanks all for your kind comments. I did not realize this would trigger such a response, Mr Atkinson replied. “I was just amazed that the koala seemed smart enough to realize that I was trying to help her and I could not believe how quickly she went from being agro to letting me pet and tickle under chin. Cheers to all whom commented. She is still happily sitting on my porch.”

Mr Atkinson also shared a photo of what the koala looked like before he worked his magic.

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