WATCH: Man’s car seized after being caught doing 212 km/h on M1

Police have now charged a Gold Coast man after he was allegedly clocked doing 212 km/h on the M1.

The man’s Holden ute was caught by a fixed speed camera at Gaven in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Just seven minutes later, a second camera at Yatala clocked the ute at 186 km/h.


Officers attended a home in Currumbin Waters on Thursday seizing the ute.

A 48-year-old man has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

He’s due to appear in Coolangatta Magistrates Court on January 18.

Police say the man allegedly admitted driving at the time of the offences but showed no acknowledgement of the seriousness of his actions, or concern about the consequences if he had lost control at that speed.

WATCH: Police seize man’s ute after being clocked at 212 km/h – 

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If he had a better car he could of gone faster. Its quit funny how some people drive. Always in the right lane until the last minute then change lanes to turn left racing to the shops that don’t close for another 4hours. On the way to fuel station the other day a bloke came flying past in a ranger ute with a trailer on the back. Racing around cars cutting people off like his wife was having a baby. Then he stops at the fuel station and casually gets out of the car like he’s in no rush at all. Weird.