WATCH: Man’s emotional reaction to birthday gift from his adopted daughter

“What do you get the man that never wants?”

That was the question pondered by 11-year-old Haleigh and her mum ahead of her stepdad’s birthday.

She was adopted by David Trevino as a little girl and wanted to do something special for the man she ‘worships’.


So Haleigh went about to legally change her name and her mum filmed his emotional reaction when he found out what they had done (see it below).

In a letter Haleigh wrote: “I can sit and ponder all day (about what gift to get you), but in the end I know nothing would make you happier than what I’m about to say.”

“Today will be the day we will cherish forever as we grow old.

“Haleigh Danielle Aliba is now Haleigh Danielle Trevino.

“You stole her heart from day one, but today she stole your last name forever.”

With tears rolling down his cheeks, David embraces his daughter in a bear hug and says “I love you”.

“Everyone says that she worships the ground I walk on, but I’ll worship the ground she walks on.”