WATCH: Matt Damon just did an epic impersonation of Chris Hemsworth

Matt Damon appeared on Sunday Night Live in the US this week and did an absolutely perfect impersonation of his good mate Chris Hemsworth.

During a comedy skit about the search for the next Oscars host, Damon pretended to be the Aussie heartthrob auditioning for the prestigious role.

“Host the Oscars? Why would anyone want to look at me?” Damon said before winking at the camera.


To the surprise of a lot of fans, Damon sounded eerily similar to the Thor star.

Hemsworth wasn’t the only Aussie who featured in the sketch, with Tasmanian comedian Hannah Gadsby also “auditioning” for the role.

American actress Aidy Bryant impersonated Gadsby and also did a pretty spot-on job.

“Oscars host? Who’s it gonna be? Lots of tension. Who’s gonna break the tension?” Bryant said pretending to be Gadsby.

“I would host but in the middle of it, I quit hosting. Too much tension.”


It comes after Kevin Hart stepped down as host of next years Oscars following controversy over his old homophobic tweets.