WATCH: Mayor Tom Tate gets inside look at world-leading disaster centre

With the Gold Coast in need of a new disaster management facility, Mayor Tom Tate has today visited one of the most advanced disaster management centres in the world.

The mayor took a tour of Taipei’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), which is regarded as one of the world’s most sophisticated and houses the latest in smart technology.

The centre comprises of fire and police departments, emergency dispatch centre, traffic control centre, MRT operations centre, and water level centre.


Mayor Tom Tate said the Gold Coast’s new disaster management facility needs to aspire to be as good as Taipei’s.

“Our city is planning a new disaster management to replace our ageing facility at Queen Street,” he said.

“I’ll bring these learnings back to the Gold Coast and meet with our Disaster Management Unit (DMU) officials to see what ideas and technology we can employ, particularly in the new centre.

“The development will require Council approval and may not get underway for another 12 months.”

Mayor Tom Tate is in Taipei as part of the Gold Coast’s celebration of a 36-year Sister Cities relationship with Tainan.