WATCH: Michael Buble tears up during emotional ‘carpool karaoke’

Much-loved crooner Michael Buble has opened up about his son Noah’s cancer battle during an emotional and very special episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

The 43-year-old joined the The Late Late Show host for a singalong, with the pair passionately belting out some of Buble’s biggest hits including ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ and ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ for Stand Up To Cancer UK’s charity telethon.

During the drive around the streets of Los Angeles, a notoriously private Buble broke his silence about the day his “whole life ended”.


“Now, you’ve had, by anybody’s standards, you’ve had an incredibly tough couple of years,” Corden said to Buble in reference to his son Noah’s battle with liver cancer at the age of just three.

“I think any person really, but particularly any parent of young children, essentially what I think you’ve gone through in the last few years is everybody’s worst nightmare. Tell me about everything that happened with Noah,” Corden said.

Trying not to break down, Buble explained: “It’s so hard to have to acknowledge it cause it’s so painful to talk about, but obviously we got the diagnosis and that was it, man. My whole life ended.”

Thankfully, Noah is now five-years-old and has beaten the disease, but Buble revealed in the clip that the whole ordeal has left him “not okay”.

“I became the strength to somehow pull us and lift us and to be positive and when they got it out and the chemo was done and they said ‘We did it, it’s great, we’re good, he’s okay’ I fell. I just fell. My wife picks me up now,” Buble told Corden.

“It’s funny, he’s five-years-old now and I say to him, because he loves Spider-Man, ‘Spider-Man’s amazing, and Superman’s amazing’ but they’re fake, they’re not real. You’re my superhero, my real superhero.”