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WATCH: Man finds Gold Coast family’s pet python slithering through his yard

A GOLD Coast family’s pet python large enough to devour a dog and usually found only at the top end of Australia has been caught in a stranger’s yard half a kilometre away, weeks after it escaped from its aviary.

The large olive python escaped from a home on De Haviland Avenue in Benowa more than a fortnight ago after the aviary in which it was being kept was damaged by a falling tree branch.

After spending more than two weeks slithering through neighbouring yards unnoticed, the huge reptile was found injured at a house 550 metres away on Benowa Road on Thursday. Scroll down to watch the video!


A man who lives at the Benowa Road home found the massive python in his front yard.

It was the first time the man, who speaks with a strong English accent, has ever laid eyes on a snake.

It’s not known if the python made the entire 550m journey to the man’s house on land or through backyard canals.

The olive python is a strong swimmer and often hunts in waterholes, striking at prey from under the water.

Renowned snake catcher Tony Harrison was called out to remove the serpent from the Benowa Road home with his partner Brooke Smith and their two-year-old son, Jensen.

Tony broadcast the catch live on his Facebook page where it has since notched up more than 80,000 views.

The video shows Tony’s brave son Jensen holding open a bag while his mum, Brooke, feeds the python into it.

Upon first seeing the snake which had been injured, possibly when its aviary was damaged or during its time on the street, Tony said it appeared to be in “very bad shape”.

“He (the python) has got a really injured face,” Tony can be heard saying in the video. “He is in a pretty bad condition in a number of ways.”

But, after closure inspection, it is expected to make a full recovery.

“It is very well looked after,” Brooke later said on Facebook. “Unfortunately during the storms a few weeks ago a large tree fell on the aviary and it escaped.”

“It’s had a tough few weeks so a bit of tlc and it will be healthy again.”Shortly after Tony posted the video online, the owner of the python was identified.

Shortly after Tony posted the video online, the owner of the python was identified.

“A huge thank you to Tony, Brooke and their cute little man Jensen on the behalf of my family, especially my dad for catching his beloved pet,” Georgie Ellen Scott told Gold Coast Weather & News Together followers on Facebook.

“My dad will be over the moon to come home to this guy being back where he belongs and well looked after.”

It’s understood the python, which was estimated to be around 12 feet long (3.6m) and big enough to eat a small dog, will be reunited with its owner today (Friday).

Olive pythons are the second largest species of snake in Australia, usually found only at the very top of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and Queensland.

Gowing up to anywhere between 4 to 6 metres long, the olive python is surpassed only by the scrub python and survives on a diet of birds and small mammals although are known to also prey on monitor lizards and crocodiles.

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