WATCH: New cyber security campaign aims to educate Australians

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released a video on YouTube aimed at educating Australians at work and at home on the cyber threat.

The ACSC is trying a different approach to traditional methods of security communication this year, with their YouTube video titled ‘Recognise. Report’ aiming to build awareness of the cyber threat and encourage reporting in a light hearted way.

“We have taken a light hearted approach, simplified the message, and concluded with a strong call to action to report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.”


“We envisage “Recognise. Report.” will be a useful resource for organisations to start a conversation about protecting their vital information.”

Two of the key roles of the ACSC are to raise awareness of cyber security and enable reporting of cyber security incidents.

Every report helps the ACSC to develop a better understanding of the threat environment and will assist other organisations who are also at risk.