WATCH: NSW cheerleading team’s inspiring routine goes viral

A special ability cheerleading team from NSW are going viral on social media after their inspiring, first-place routine was uploaded to Facebook.

The Oxygen All Stars Lithium, who are an all-ability team, took out the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation title in Sydney on Friday.

A video of the performance was uploaded to the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) official Facebook page where it has since captured the hearts of people all around the world.


“Once again our Special Ability champions continue to inspire and awe us with awesome displays from OXYGEN ALL STARS LITHIUM featuring the fantastic Deb” the caption of the video reads.

Since being posted on Saturday, the footage has been viewed more than 2.4 million times.

“That’s fantastic! It’s wonderful that Deb is being supported to do something that clearly makes her so happy. The whole team rocked it,” one Facebook user commented.

“Didn’t stop crying. Just beautiful and wonderful support too from all your cheer friends,” wrote another.