WATCH: Pedestrians come close to being wiped out by Gold Coast trams

IT appears motorists aren’t the only hazards popping up in front of trams on the Gold Coast, with dash cam footage capturing a series of shocking close calls with pedestrians.

The vision, released by G:link on Wednesday, was filmed from cameras fitted to the front of each tram.

The short 12-second compilation shows seven seemingly oblivious pedestrians failing to look left and right before stepping right into the path of the 60-tonne light rail vehicle.


Several pedestrians can be seen coming within inches of being wiped out as they dash across the tracks.

Some appear in view suddenly as they jump out from behind traffic, while others appear to be simply lost in thought and completely unaware of their surrounding.

In one instance, two people come awfully close to being run down at a station in Broadbeach.

The pair appears to ignore a red pedestrian light and run across two lanes of traffic in a frantic rush to get to the station before their tram leaves but almost end up underneath it.

G:link released the footage as a part of its “Be Safe Around Trams” campaign.

Thankfully, none of the pedestrians shown in the footage were hit.