WATCH: P!nk shares daughter’s fabulous “first makeup tutorial”

If you’ve ever applied makeup in front of a little person, boy or girl, you would know just how much they want to have a go.

They end up with eye shadow on their cheeks and lipstick on their chin and you end up with a kaleidoscope powder palate that may or may not be worthy of reuse.

So, imagine the joy the child of a popstar would feel when let loose in her mother’s makeup box!


What About Us singer, P!nk, has shared a timelapse video of six-year-old daughter Willow playing around with her lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeshadow and even glitter in her “first makeup tutorial”.

As P!nk’s Instagram followers put it, Willow’s style was “very 80s” and “she looks like a little warrior”.

One also commented that she loves that Willow is “tough but also feminine”.

It was only last year that P!nk made international headlines after a moving speech while accepting the Video Vanguard Award at the VMA’s, where she describe the heartbreaking moment Willow said she was “the ugliest girl I know”.

It seems with an incredibly fierce feminist mother, Willow is going to be the most beautiful, warrior, girly-tomboy she wants to be.