WATCH: Polar bear cub Mishka celebrates Halloween at Sea World

Polar bear cub Mishka is enjoying some spooky fun at Sea World today to celebrate Halloween.

The Polar Bear Pre-School has been decked out with specially carved pumpkins as well as an array of treats for the 6-month-old cub to enjoy with her mum Liya.


Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said the Halloween experience will form part of Mishka and Liya’s enrichment program.

“The exhibit here at Sea World offers one of the world’s best enrichment programs and occasions such as Halloween provide a wonderful opportunity for our Bears to experience a range of different smells and textures.”

Mr Long said Mishka is continuing to grow significantly, and now weighs over 30 kilograms.

“Although her main source of nutrition is from suckling milk from mum, Mishka has started eating a range of solid foods including fish, beef and pork,” he said.

“Since making her public debut in September, Sea World guests have fallen in love with Mishka which is a great situation for all Polar Bears as she is helping to raise awareness and create empathy for her wild counterparts.”

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