WATCH: Police find $400K worth of cannabis in truck at border check point

A routine traffic stop at the border has led to police uncovering more than $400,000 worth of cannabis.

Officers made the shock find after pulling over a pantech truck at the border check point in Coolangatta on Thursday afternoon.

During a search of the vehicle, police allegedly found more than 45 kilograms of the drug stashed within four suitcases in the back of the vehicle.


According to police, the cannabis has a street value of approximately $400,000.

Detective Senior Sergeant Ian Galpin said anyone caught bringing drugs into the state will be “the subject of a thorough investigation and may face serious criminal charges”.

“Police stationed at our border checkpoints are doing an excellent job at not only maintaining border restrictions, but also detecting and preventing criminal activity,” Detective Senior Sergeant Galpin said.

A 35-year-old Victorian man is assisting police with investigations.


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A bit over the top $400,000 for 25 pounds wtf ,, its only $70,00 worth if that ,, 45kgs is only 25 pounds at $2800 $70,000 ,,, boy they really go over the top .. Well done drug cop working for other drug dealers like Malcolm Turnbull .. should write a book at tax payers expanse and make a profit ,, I hate Australian Politicians and when the war comes i will round theses fukers up and bury them alive ..